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As I know you like porn and erotica at least as much as I do and as it happens that I live in Berlin
I thought it would be nice to let you participate in the 1001 pleasures the largest erotic fair in the world, the Venus 2014, had to offer. There were so many gorgeous porn stars that my dick is still tingling a little – Little Caprice (why haven’t I written something about her yet??), Bonnie Rotten, PussyKat, Joanna Angel, Hennessy, Victoria Sweet, Jenna Jane, Lola Taylor, Kimber Lee, Lexy Roxx – even good old Nacho Vidal was there with some hot Spanish girls! Okay, but that’s just name dropping in the end and an erotic fair is described much better in video than in plain words, so I’ll shut up now and let you enjoy the visual fruit of this porn adventure! Have fun!
Ah, maybe one more thing: If you like to make life for these erotic angels all the sweeter and be rewarded by much more than their eternal gratitude for it, you can pay a visit to - the first erotic fundraiser on this planet!